Saturday, February 20, 2010

happy birthday to me!

Tonight I'm updating from a super-swank hotel in Washington D.C.  My mom and I came up for the weekend because yesterday was my 21st boifday (that's "birthday" to those readers who actually speak like adults)!  Although it's 10:12 p.m., my mom's sacked out in the other bed, I'm in my pjs, and "Deadliest Catch" is on the tube, this is the best I've felt all day.

Birthdays are weird.  I feel like they often just end up reminding people of the things they thought they would've had/accomplished by "this time next year" or whatever.  It's just weird.  I'm 21 now, but I'm definitely not even close to feeling like an adult.  This was my last real exciting milestone birthday.  Now I have 30 to look forward to...ok, this is just getting to be a bummer.

ANYHOW, I do have some good things to say tonight!  Not only did I make my first Etsy sale last week, I was mentioned on a blog because of my Etsy!  Check out to see a pair of my shoes featured in the latest entry.


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  1. I've found out that birthdays, holidays etc. all boil down to being just what they are...a day like tomorrow will be too. How we make the most of any day is deciding for ourselves that we will make of it what we want. You are lucky to have a mom that wanted to do something this special for your 21st boifday! I have never had anyone do something that awesome for me for any of my birthdays. No jealously here...well maybe some!! :) Hope the rest of your weekend is great.